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Pediatric dermatology deals with specific skin diseases of children; these include severe conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, and mild ones such as warts and birthmarks. A pediatric dermatologist must qualify in both pediatrics and dermatology in order to practice. A pediatric dermatologist undergoes four years training in a recognized medical school followed by an internship training lasting for about one year. This is followed by a residency program for a period of two years and fellowship training in pediatric dermatology for about 1-3 years. A pediatric dermatologist must also hold a board certification awarded by the American Board of Dermatology.Check out this site:dermatologist west des moines.

A pediatric dermatologist diagnoses and treats several skin disorders in children, which include vitiligo, hemangiomas, congenital skin disorders, contact dermatitis, birthmarks, eczema and warts. Apart from this kids are also treated for fungal infections, viral skin infections and rashes. These disorders are treated with the newest methods of treatment available including prescription medication, surgery and skin biopsies. Laser therapy may also be carried out depending on the age of the child. The method of treatment, medication and dosage prescribed for children is different than that of adults, thus a child suffering from any skin disease must be shown to a dermatologist specializing in pediatrics as well.

Children can become very restless due to any type of skin irritation. Mostly young ones are not able to clearly mention the problem. As such these problems cannot be handled by a general physician even if he is able to diagnose the cause. A pediatric dermatologist specializes in carefully and gently examining a child without causing him to be anxious or cranky.

Finding a good pediatric dermatologist may prove to be a hassle. You must talk to your physician and ask for a pediatric dermatologist of good repute. Make sure you talk to the pediatric dermatologist before you plan to consult him regarding your child’s ailment. It is also important to visit the clinic and make sure that the interiors are comfortable. Most doctors dealing with children have their clinics decorated with kids in mind. They also have a few games for the children to play or books to read while they wait for their examination. Keeping these points in mind would ensure that your child is in good hands.